Internet Security

Internet-securityData breaches and confidentiality is in stake now-a-days as hackers and crackers are advancing towards hi-tech techniques to get into networks of enterprises and deface their websites or steal their confidential data for competitive advantage or for financial benefits.

Internet security has turn out to be a vital component for any business to survive and thrive. There are so many factors to be considered before making Internet security as a business like your expertise on being a network or security consultant, business types around your locality, strength of people you have who are committed to join your business, your passion to make this as a business and help people to make their network safer in the world of Internet. Internet security has variety of wings and lengths of product range for different purposes which enable diverse enterprises and even small organizations to sustain.

Earlier days for small organizations Internet security was limited to downloading and installing anti-viruses on the end –points. But with increase in the multitude of sophistication in the range of attacks that is being carried out every day, now internet security is not only limited to single layer of defence. It relies on multi-layer of defence which is also termed as Defence in Depth. To be an internet security provide in the market you should have knowledge about diverse range of products in the market and have a clear picture in the mind, regarding which product will be best suited in a given scenario.In perspective of sales there has be partnership with different vendors so that you can supply equipment and software as per client’s demands and needs. In hardware perspective, there are many equipment which helps you to achieve Information Security and Internet Security for an organization. They are listed below:

  • Firewalls
  • IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)
  • IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems)
  • UTM’s (Unified Threat Management)
  • Bio Metric Devices
  • Content Filtering & Spam Control Engines etc.
  • VPN Concentrators
  • Mail Proxy

There are different vendors for the above listed hardware products which are mentioned below:

  • NDM Technologies(Is an authorized reseller/var for Checkpoint, Cisco, HP, MacAfee, NGFW products. In the website they can let you know the cost and provide you consultation for your network needs. You can contact them via chat, email and phone)
  • Infosys Gateway(Infosys gateways have range of affordable devices which most of the government agencies and small business use for protecting their networks. They have wide range of security products which provides access controls, Wi-Fi security, anti-spam, IDS/IPS etc. You can directly contact them via email or call)
  • CTC Technologies(CTC technologies is the IT reseller of internet security products and along with the solution expert.  They provide managed services, equipment leasing etc. One can take equipment and services from them and run their own business in their demographic region. They have tie-ups with Plato Alto, IBM, f5 etc.)
  • GTA-firewalls (Global Technology Associates have their own range of products and which essentially provides firewall for  HA, Content Filtering, Mail Proxy, IPSec VPN etc. Also they have software version of the firewall. You can directly reach them for your needs and there pre-sales team will give appropriate suggestion considering your networks. They also provide free firewall training for initial usage)

Most of the firewall licences depends upon the speed you want and number of VPN connection you desire at any given time. As a sales person, you should properly gather requirement for achieving internet security for any organization and give them appropriate solution which falls in their budget and serves their needs. Like most of the SME & MME enterprises doesn’t have budgets to go for expenses for separate firewalls, separate IDS/IPS engines etc. so they will most likely opt for Unified Threat Management Box which will serve all their needs. To market Internet Security products and services you have definite level of expertise which will help you to drill down in any network and give them appropriate and reasonable internet security solutions. Sophos and Cyberoam products are cheaper options in UTMs, apart from Sonic wall and Watchgaurd. Cisco is leader in firewall business and his competitors are Juniper and Palo Alto which can be considered when budgeting is a constraint.

There are many endpoint products which are available as the software to be deployed in the workstation which can provide the end-user with tighter level of security against Viruses, Malwares, Spywares, Worms and Trojan-Horses. There are range of anti-virus, anti-malware/anti-spyware programs along with HIPS endpoint agent to protect from frequent breaches and illegitimate installations while surfing the internet. Endpoints installation is school, colleges and government/private institutions are common in these days to protect Data Loss Prevention along with end point protection. To provide internet security or to market internet security one should consider the scope of the software along with its features and cost.  McAfee, Avira, Eset etc .are few software endpoint security products which are famous in market to provide optimum level of internet security.

As an internet security provider you should also have dedicated staff for following purposes:

  • Periodic Network Auditing as per clients requirement
  • Vulnerability Assessment of Client’s Infrastructure
  • Penetration Testing Services
  • Risk Assessment Services
  • Network Monitoring Solutions
  • Internet Security Trainings

Internet Security has boom in the market as the regulatory standards are demanding for more secure and fool-proof systems to conduct business. It’s a reputation in stake of any party involved in data breach or hack as the clients stop trusting them and eventually they stop doing business with them. So, in marketing perspective internet security should be visualized as a mandatory aspect of any organization provided if we present the best solution to secure their network and let them carry out their business in efficient way.