Cancer is a malignant growth which occurs as a result of changes in a normal cell structure. That means the genetic constitution is changed. When this happens the cells divides faster as normal and does no longer adhere to limits of growth of a normal organ. Neighboring organs and tissues are mostly attacked.

This chapter is to serve as a guide for cancer patients and their relatives. Also for those who are interested in this subject can get the basics of the various types of cancer thereby being able to answer some of the most bordering questions that may arise in such situation. The Diagnosis of having cancer is usually an alarm which cannot be described, a total black out in most cases. It raises fear, sadness, anger and helplessness among those affected and their families.

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide, it is therefore necessary to know factors that can initiate the disease. Also knowing the risks and symptoms associate with cancer is very important in order to react fast on detecting any warn signal. Warn signals which are sent at the begin of the illness should be taken very serious because they are very helpful to detect cancer at an early stage thereby increasing ones healing or survival chance.

Thanks to modern technology, that has made it possible to detect most cancers at its early stage. With the aim of making it possible to properly examine the type of cancer. It also help to plan and treat the sickness effectively. It give the final assurance of being ill or not. Such test can take weeks to finalize outcome

Still most people are scared to be diagnosed of cancer and therefore keep delaying their visits to a physician. However, it is very important to contact a physician as early as possible so that the tumor can be detected at its early stage.

The checkup should be able to clarify:

  • if a tumor if really present
  • if the tumor is benign or malignant
  • the type of tumor present
  • where it is located
  • biological behavior
  • how big the tumor has developed
  • are neighborhood organs already affected
  • can this be treated or is it too late
  • what sort of therapy can yield the beast result
  • what therapy is ideal for the patient