The human skin is made up of cavities of follicles through which hair grows.  Staphylococcus areaus are bacterias also found on a healthy skin. These are usually harmless but only turn to be harmful if there are cuts or openings on the skin. The staphylococcus bacteria enters the follicle through the opening causing an inflamation. Boils can develop any where around hairy and sweat glands but are commonly found on buttocks, ampits, tighs, genital areas, neck , ear, eyes etc.

Other factors like

  • diseases which weakens the immune system e.g. HIV/AIDS
  • poor hygiene and nutrition
  • side effects of antibiotics can also cause boil to develope

The affected region starts getting red, forms a hard lump and there after begin to accumulate pus which later becomes tender. The boil gradually increases in size overtime, sometimes accompanied with severe pains. Under normal circumstances boil should burst after 1-2 weeks latest in the 3rd week, as result draining up pus and reducing pain. If this doesn't happen contact a physician.

  • avoid pus getting in touch with unaffected body parts or persons because this can spread disease.
  • always keep wound covered and wash hands frequently.
  • do not burst boil yourself with sharp objects as this can spread or worsen infection.

Some symptons of boils are

  • fever, severe pains, redness of affected region
  • sometimes Lymph nodes get swollen
  • yellow-like spot at the tip of the boil due to pus accumulation

The disease could be personally treated at home by appling a towel soaked in warm water at the tip of boil. The procedure should however be applied often daily, always using a fresh towel. If no improvement is seen contact a medical doctor, who may prescribe antibiotics or remove through a small surgery.


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