Business partners

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If you are planning to set up a business and you need a business partner, there are many ways to get a partner from all over the world. In countries Iike China, USA, UK, one can get such partners who might offer one products at a cheaper rate. Sometimes its good to search through the internet for such opportunities or contact friends, fellow employees who might give a hint of such. Reading books or attending trade fairs can also link one up.

If you are able to get such a connection, its very important to handle well to avoid later disappointments. Prepare yourself well before meeting your prospective business partner. First consider why you actually need a business partner, is it for financial support, goods, skills or  just to exchange ideas in your chosen branch. Outline all that you think its important for the agreement (like what percentage of asset each partner is bringen in the business and how profits will be divided) and try to make a prior analysis.

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